Who is Shiva Rose?

Shiva Rose Afshar is an American actress, activist and a well-known designer of natural skin care products. Half-American and Half-Persian, Shiva was born in the countryside of Iran, and in 1980 during the cultural revolution there, she and her family fled to the United states to begin a new life. Finding peace in film, fashion and books, Shiva began to express her artistic nature through acting. 

Creating a Skin Care Line

Shiva’s devotion to a clean and happy life came after a serious illness. By detoxing her beauty routine and diet, and through the practice of yoga and meditation, she literally changed her life. Shiva dedicates her beauty products to the same holistic, natural principles that she follows. Because skin is our largest organ, The Shiva Rose skin care line focuses on nurturing that part of us. Shiva Rose is 100% toxic free and created naturally, without the use of chemicals. 




Our Favorite Products

Rose is the featured ingredient in the Shiva Rose line—its beauty benefits have been an integral part of traditional Persian skin care for centuries. Shiva’s products are made with loving intentions and in small batches to ensure their optimal integrity.

  • Shiva Rose Facial Oil brings radiance and nourishment to the face, and is perfect to wear under make up in hot, desert climates like the Middle East, or Mexico where Sollano 16 is based.  
  • Shiva Rose Nectar Body Oil are all hand-blended using unusual essential oils that benefit both the skin and spirit.
  • Shiva Rose Radiant Rose Water offers great refreshment and hydrates the skin while its fragrance provides a great midday boost.
  • Shiva Rose Sea Siren Body Scrub is a pure necessity to use regularly, to keep skin looking fresh and feeling soft. Plus the scent is delicious.

30% Off- Save Money & Save Face

We are so thrilled to offer these products at The Store, and are now offering a 30% discount on all Shiva Rose. So whether you want more luminous skin or are seeking anti-aging treatments, we highly recommend this line to all our customers, no matter what their age. As the weather gets warmer, Shiva Rose’s innovative products are a necessary step in any skincare regime, combining ancient wisdom and powerful ingredients from nature.

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