From fabrics to stationary to home decor prints, John Robshaw’s versatile collections have something for everyone. Coupling a fine arts degree with extensive hands-on studies abroad—namely his travels in India—John’s exciting spirited designs are infused with his love of adventure.

“When you look at my textiles, it’s as if you’ve been on the world tour alongside me.”

World-Class Design
Initially a painter, John uses block printing, hand painting and embroidering in his unique patterns and intricate geometries. Originally inspired by local artisans in India, he began using natural indigo dyes and learning the traditional fabric arts of that country. The results are ageless style with a dash of contemporary cool.

Appearing in the pages of major magazines and beautiful homes—like the White House—his hand-embroidered pillows and quilted bedding portray both his love of travel and his eye for beauty. His work is mesmerizing and classic at the same time. The mix of patterns with narrative illustrations adds layers of style to any setting.


John follows a simple rule in life to guide him in his work. Karma…one’s actions coming back to either harm you or reward you in your next life. Through this he has helped and nurtured individuals, artisan groups and children. John is involved in several charities in both India and The States, showing that fabric and textiles are  elemental ways for humans to connect.

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