sollano 16 showcases jewelry designers from all over the world. our collection is unique, modern and always elegant.


Susan Cummings explores the timeless beauty of adornment and jewelry in her pieces. Originally from Ojai, California, Susan makes pieces for women who are brave, strong and boldly feminine. Her inspirations are natural forms, ancient techniques, and ‘perfect’ imperfection. Susan’s jewelry features precious stones and metals of the very highest quality.


Made by hand, Mexican jewelry line Kalosoma is a testament to the creativity and talent of designer Claudia Fernandez. Inspired by her grandfather—and his career as an entomologist—Claudia began to make pieces that reflected the shapes and colors of the insects they discovered together. Gems, beads, stones and leather combine to make vibrant pieces that combine the styles of classic and modern Mexican decorative arts, with exquisite detail.

Mercedes Salazar


Columbian designer Mercedes Salazar is known worldwide for her colorful, playful jewelry and fashion accessories, influenced by the colors and textures of Latin America. Her study of various art forms and processes give her pieces a stylish, detailed touch.


Jyotsna Singh designs under the brand name Manjusha which means a treasure chest of jewels. She has always been inspired by color, design and stones—as the grand-daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. Her jewelry is a confident blend of exquisite intricate design and affordable materials.

bittersweet designs


Designer Laurie Lenfestey creates beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets using exotic charms and semi precious stones. We love to wear these pieces for good luck and of course for great style.


Aurélie’s style is characterized by a creative mix of spontaneity, exuberance and joy. Her designs embody the creative melting pot of her home town of Paris with the colorful jungles of South America where she traveled as a young girl. We love her pieces for their energy, sensuality and whimsical spirit.



Designer Cheryl Finnegan started VSA when she moved to San Miguel de Allende. Inspired by the Virgen de Guadalupe, she began to create unique pieces that have inspired meaning. Most of VSA’s pieces are made by hand and are popular with fashion forward celebrities and locals alike.


Of Rare Origin’s jewelry is both playful and sophisticated. Leslie Tcheyan and her two daughthers Octavia Giovannini-Torelli and Thea Giovannini-Torelli work together in NYC where they create “wearable poetry.” Each handmade piece is a precise harmony of artistry, precious and semi-precious materials, classical technique and contemporary intuition.

Fouché London


Claire Fouché launched Fouché, inspired by art deco architecture, cubism and the beauty of Africa. Made from natural materials like wood, horn and gemstones, Fouche’s pieces are first crafted in Kenya by local craftsmen and then finished in Europe by hand. Bold, modern and spirited, Fouché is a passport to world-class style.


Gogo Ferguson transforms nature into adornment. Her pieces uniquely incorporate the complexity and creativity of naturral forms. Gogo also designs home decor which we proudly feature in Sollano 16. Gogo is a resident of the magical Cumberland Island in Georgia, where she gains much of her inspiration.

Gogo jewelry


Moosepablos is the finest in Mexican jewelry design. Iconic and charming, the pieces represent a forceful combination of Spanish and Mexican cultures. Charms and symbols dominate this sterling silver collection, which are made by gifted artisans throughout Mexico.

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