Cumberland Island, Georgia is Gogo’s inspiration and soul. Born into the famous
Carnegie family (who originally owned the island), she creates magnificent
jewelry and home accessories from the island’s natural treasures.

They say she is always looking down as she wanders the island. Taught to “see’ by her
amazing grandmother, she searches and finds all kinds of designs in nature. Bones, plants, and shells become silver and gold jewelry and serving pieces for the table. A palm leaf skeleton might eventually become an elegant hair piece.

At Sollano16, we so admire her connection and respect for nature. We feel truly
humbled to have her beautiful designs in our shop.

Thursday, May 10, we will be hosting Gogo’s Trunk Show, celebrating both Mexican Mother’s Day and Mother Nature.
Please join us at the store for light snacks and beverages from noon to 3pm.

You can see and share the invite here >>


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