In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, we want to express our great appreciation for “Mother Nature”, the nurturing and life-giving force that surrounds us all. Celebrating Her and Her whimsical beauty is Coral & Tusk, a beautiful collection of nature-inspired home furnishings, accessories, cards and more.

Known worldwide for its unique embroidered textile products, Coral & Tusk designer Stephanie Housley showcases the craftsmanship of her production partners in India, to bring her imaginative hand-drawn illustrations to life. Coral & Tusk uses unbleached natural linens, not harsh chemicals or dyes. And Stephanie’s creative process is a special alchemy of storytelling, illustration and classic-style embroidery.

Stephanie lives and works in Bondurant, Wyoming, surrounded by the landscape and wildlife that inspire her creations. This spring, she has moved beyond her own environment to a faraway land, with a new collection featuring lush foliage and enigmatic wildlife. The Jungle Collection—now available at Sollano 16—presents a dream-like landscape of palm trees, pineapples, tropical monkeys and cheetahs, living happily together in a festive scene.

Coral & Tusk strives to help organizations that support the planet and all its creatures, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Ocean Conservancy, ASPCA and many more. In their own words “a passion for wildlife protection and land preservation is a driving force behind our spring collection.”

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