we carry the best in luxury skin care products from around the world because face it, we love them too.


These popular fragrance-based products are created with pure artistry and the healthiest of practices. Founder Kristi Head creates refined natural scents from essential oils for Lite+Cycle’s perfumes, candles and nourishing balms. And the packaging is fun and fresh. Ingredients are pure, light and selected to calm your body and spirit— no synthetics, toxic additives or hidden chemicals.


Vervan beauty products are inspired by both ancestral traditions and the proven science behind natural ingredients. Vervan products are made in small batches in Mexico by artisanal processes, ensuring freshness and quality. Choose from luxurious serums, balms, nutritional milk, body butter, gels, creams and bar soaps. And Vervan’sphilosophy is to respect the planet and its people simultaneously, offering fair wages and recycled packaging.


Riddle Oils are the answer! We love the feel of these products, and the scents are delicious. Riddle Spray Body Lotion, Roll-On Perfume oil and Body Oil are now available at The Store. And all Riddle Oil ingredients are completely 100% USDA certified organic, artisan-crafted and fair trade.

Riddle oils


This line of organic beauty products from Australia is revolutionizing traditional approaches to anti-aging. No harmful chemicals and transformative natural ingredients get great results.


Antica Farmacista is dedicated to high-end luxurious fragrances for bath, body, and home. Signature scents like Prosecco, Casablanca, and the blend of Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin are our favorites.

Antica Farmacista
Shiva Rose


Shiva Rose is an LA-based actress whose mission is to bring nourishing beauty to women worldwide. Her line is 100% toxic free and heavily-focused on rose as its star ingredient. We can’t get enough of the Rose Face Oil!


Exotic fragrances and natural essences are behind Kai’s fragrances, bath, body and home care products. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Tropics, Kai is free of harmful toxins and chemicals and full of life.

Jao Brand


Jao’s products perfectly combine ancient healing techniques and modern science. These multipurpose products are top sellers for both men and women, and are perfect for keeping your skin healthy in San Miguel’s high desert climate.


Soap meets paper in these amazing products that are truly intricate works of art. Artisan-crafted soaps are hidden inside beautiful laser-cut boxes. And they make amazing gifts for yourself or for others.

uwp new
lafco new


Lafco’s products are hand-produced, made from essential oils and the purest ingredients. We subscribe to the Lafco philosophy of using products that not only look and smell good, but are good for you too.

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